The human hair wig trend has really grown in popularity over recent years. Most women prefer these wigs over any other hair for various reasons based on their needs. Their quality is also unmatched, and they last a long time. Like the wig, human hair bundles are plenty in the market. Different types are available, and as a first-time user, settling for one can be difficult. It’s easy for wig enthusiasts since they’ve used them for years. Therefore, for a better understanding, we discuss human hair bundles aspects below.

Important Aspects of Human Hair Bundles

1. What are hair bundles?

Hair bundles are wefts of hair tied up together into knots. The hair strands are attached to the weft based on its size. Some wefts are bigger than others to accommodate more strands, while others are small with fewer strands. Hair bundles are sold as a set of either three or four. However, you may need more depending on the weave to be installed. They come in different textures to match your real human hair. Also, the bundles are available in different shades of color, but the most common ones are black and dark brown.

2. What are the benefits of human hair bundles?

Human hair bundles have many advantages. The most common are;

a. Their quality is high

Every buyer loves high-quality products. Human hair bundles have incredible quality, especially since they are pure. This means they are sourced from one donor and are not blended.

b. Help gain volume and length

You can achieve different styles using human hair bundles. They can be long or short, depending on the bundles. Also, they help your hair look fuller. The number of bundles you use determines the volume.

c. Minimize installation time

Wigs and weaves require less time to install and maintain, unlike natural human hair. For example, braiding your actual hair can take between 1 to 2 hours. Similarly, if you were to attach individual weave strands to your hair, you would spend so much time. Human hair bundles allow you to sew the weft onto your hair, covering a large area, thus saving time.

3. What determines the number of bundles one needs?

Several factors influence the number of human hair bundles you need. They include head size, length, and style you want. If your head circumference is small, you will require few bundles compared to one with a larger circumference. You need more human hair bundles for long hair than short hair. In addition, the texture is also a determinant. Hair with curls or waves needs fewer bundles compared to straight hair.

Bottom Line

Understanding the item you plan to buy is essential. Knowing what human hair bundles are, their importance, and how many you need will help you select the best kind to suit your hair. They make your hair fuller, stylish and colorful if you prefer the bright shades. If you still have no idea of the number of sets you need, involve a hairstylist and let them do the installation for you.


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