A lot of people are confused about what kind of knife to buy. Everyone wants to feel like a chef and buy an eight inch knife. But buying knives can be tricky.

The tricky part of buying knives is deciding what kind to buy. They all look the same, but there is a great difference in their prices.

Every knife you buy is sharp at the time of purchase. Any knife blade can also be sharpened when there is a need for sharpening.

What Differentiates the Cheap from The Expensive Knives?

Ever wondered why you can find some cheap knife sets as well as expensive knives, even though they both look like every other knife?

The knife quality is evident when it starts getting blunt. While they all seem extra sharp at the time of purchase, some blades will become dull before others. That is where the talk of quality comes in.

But there is more about the blade that needs to be considered.

The metal used to make the blade plays a vital role in how the knife will turn out. Most knife blades are made using stainless steel, carbon steel r tool steel.

You get what you pay for. That is why the cheap knife is made with cheaper materials. Though they all look sharp and attractive at first, the expensive knives are built to last longer.

The expensive knives also feel more balanced in your hand. Cheap knives tend to lose their edge with time.

Which Knives Are Essential?

It is said that you only need a few knives for different purposes in your kitchen. With only a few knives, you will be able to accomplish all kitchen knifing activities.

Some essential knives for your kitchen are:

A chef’s knife (Gyutou)

This is a popular knife. It is usually used by millions around the world to chop things, smash, dice stuff, and peel when necessary.

The chef’s knife is the knife you should have if you choose to have just one. It is also used for slicing. This is because the knife is easy to use.

A Slicing Knife (Sujihiki or Yanagi)

This knife is usually used for carving meat. It is also used to clean and cut fish. This knifes blade is designed to effortlessly cut through the meat.

The slicing knife is long and slender. This allows for easy, long, and continuous cuts. The length of the knife makes it the perfect hand-cutting/slicing tool.

A Paring Knife

The paring blade is usually used as an accompanying knife to the chef’s knife. The paring knife might seem small but it is mighty.

It is used to cut, slice, and chop when necessary. The paring knife is not limited in use. While it is mainly used for fine cutting and slicing vegetables, it can be used for many other kitchen jobs.

 A bread knife or a serrated knife is also an option for your kitchen too. Some chefs prefer to have one.


It is okay to buy a cheap knife. But everyone knows knives are not things people buy regularly. Everyone prefers to use them for a long period.

The expensive knives are made with better material and a better feel. they are meant to last longer. You should consider what kinds you need in your kitchen.


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