Ladies, at times this struggle could be very real. Whether to go with the headband wig or to wear the lace wigs; what gives? The headband wigs have a certain appeal to them. Frankly, everyone looks good in headband wigs. At the same time, there is a certain beauty to using plain, “headband less” wigs.

So what gives? When is one of them a more appropriate option compared to the other? This article will be outlining a few common guidelines in determining which to wear.

Advantages of Lace Wigs Over Original Headband Wigs

The lace wigs have a more mature appeal to them. For official occasions, plain human hair wigs are a definite yes. When a well-styled wig is worn with a suit or any formal attire, it brings out the inner woman.

A power walk in a suit and a wig is an excellent combination showing everyone she is boss. When worn with a gown for dinner or formal occasions, well, a power walk seems like overkill. In that case, a well-worn wig simply makes the wearer a head-turner.

This might not need to be said but headband wigs for the official occasions? Come on. That is a definite “no no”. This however is not an absolute rule. Certain headbands could be used for official reasons.

Additionally, the cost of human hair wigs in particular is on the high side. They range from about $300 to as high as $5000 (USD). So as long as one could save some money, there is a wig for him or her.

Pros of Original Headband Wigs

These are a style of wigs where headbands are used in holding the wig hair together. This particular style of wig is especially popular among new wearers. Those who are considering whether or not to wear wigs, use the headband wigs to start. This might be due to the fact that it is usually a lot easier to wear.

The convenience and ease involved in putting on headband wigs cannot be replicated. Some, however, worry that headband wigs are too rigid. In the sense that the style with which they come is mostly fixed due to the headband.

This, however, is not entirely true. The human hair headband wig has just as much room for tweaking as a regular human hair wig. In fact, the newest addition of bangs gives them all new general looks. Headband wigs with bangs are the new best thing. So one could convert what was an easy-going look to a more classic one. Simply by attaching bangs.

For the cherry on top, compared to regular wigs these are cheaper. With a few tens of dollars, one could get a headband wig. With as low as $40 (USD) a decent headband wig is not impossible to get. The number could go much higher. But it is low enough for everyone to enjoy initially.


So, there is no right or wrong choice. Both the lace wigs and the original headband wigs have their appeal. It is a matter of why one is getting the wig.


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