Vaping is rapidly gaining popularity among the general public, and it may have caught your attention as well. Considering that you’re a seasoned vaper with plenty of knowledge of vape products, the question of whether to go with an open or disposable pod system has probably crossed your mind.

The Customized THC Vape Pen Supplier doesn’t have the buds to experience the substance of your selection, but they understand that it’s an important question for each vaper currently, which pod system provides more taste to you depending on their benefits and drawbacks. This guide will help you choose the pod system that is appropriate for your budget and lifestyle.

Disposable Pod System

It’s a compact, closed e-cigarette having a non-refillable full e-juice vessel and an integrated non-rechargeable battery that is fully charged. You have a disposable pod rather than a refilling vessel, and you normally put in a new one whenever you’re finished with the old one. The nicotine levels of the pre-filled pod e-juices range from 20mg to 55mg. It’s similar to a tea bag in that once you’ve used it, you may throw it away.

A basic disposable pod has a built-in battery of 280 mAh and holds 1.2-1.4 ml of salt-nicotine flavoured e-juice. Such type of mechanism is available in the form of auto-draw equipment that functions by merely inhaling a puff using a little more than three hundred winds to work with.


No Maintenance

There is no necessity to purchase new coils as well as to maintain the tank. Simply throw it away once it’s been used.

Simple system

Most closed pods include a one-button-does-it-all feature. Additionally, most of these vape devices are draw-activated.

Effortless substitute

Pods are always pre-filled by e-juice, which eliminates the need to count drips to refill the atomizer.

Zero leakage

Because pods are pre-assembled, they don’t leak a tiny drop of liquid.


Limited e-juice composition

You can’t alter its nicotine level directly because the pods come pre-filled using any e-liquid.

Flavour limitations

The issue is very much the same. You cannot add or try another flavour; you must go with the flavours which the items offer.

Spit backs

These are annoying because the liquid does not vaporise as it leaves the mouth.

Decreased production of vapour

The device’s vapour extraction might not be sufficient due to its limited battery capacity.

Open Pod System

This pod system has a refillable container and also coils that can be replaced. An open pod system often comprises a large tank as well as a battery of high-capacity, providing additional e-juice over a longer period. Because there are several open pod systems available in the market, such as pod-boxes, sticks, and squonks, there isn’t really a standard size. In an open pod system, you may expect a large tank that could hold 2-8 ml of e-juice and a battery of 1000-3000 mAh.


Pleasant Vaping Experience

Open pod systems provide a comfortable mouth to lung vaping experience.


Almost all of these products have an auto-draw capability that makes puffing more comfortable.

Flavour options

It functions with a huge variety of flavour choices to vape with.

Scale the nicotine level

You could always adjust the nicotine level to your liking. Any nicotine level and any e-liquid mod are compatible with open pod systems. You are not required to be a customer of that particular brand in order to customise your product.

Operate each part individually

Such type of pod system provides greater room for maintenance. You could easily wash and maintain the pod device because every element and part is separable and rearrangeable.



You can not dispose of the open pod. As a result, you’ll have to maintain your equipment regularly, which can be inconvenient.


Having to constantly refill the container and charge the device might be frustrating.

Carrying difficulties

Open pod devices are typically bulkier and heavier than some other vape items available. As a result, you might face difficulty in carrying them.

Large size

Due to the large surface area, you might find it difficult to position the equipment in the right place.


It’s nearly hard to pick one, so you’re going to take the decision. While closed disposable pods provide convenient vaping without the need for maintaining it, open systems can be customized. Both of these systems are undeniably important contributors to the vape industry, but now it’s up to you to decide which one to choose.


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