Well, the hair industry for ladies is the top industry for a lot of hearsays. Even if it is not the top, it is definitely among the top rankers. As for whether a headband wig can mess with natural hair, well, let us say all is not as it seems.

At times, hair begins to thin out or break as time passes. This is natural baldness or alopecia. It is nothing out of place. But is it possible for the headband wigs to induce alopecia? If that is possible, how is such a condition treated or avoided entirely?

Can Headband Wigs Cause Alopecia?

Just so we are all on the same page, alopecia simply refers to hair loss. This hair loss in the case of using wigs is still referred to as alopecia. As to whether or not headband wigs can cause alopecia, of course, they can.

But before we jump to a conclusion, it is not a headband wig thing as much as it is a general wig thing. Yea, excess wearing of wigs could induce alopecia. This is the case especially when the worn wig is unreasonably tight. This type of alopecia is specifically referred to as traction alopecia.

This is because it is caused as the tight wigs provide increased friction. Also, they always leave little to no room for the hair and follicles to be properly aerated.

Seeing as lace front wigs could cause traction alopecia if not worn properly, this is not surprised. The difference between the lace and the headband wig is a thin strip of material. So it makes sense that improper wearing of the headband wig could also cause traction alopecia.

How to Avoid Alopecia with Headband Wig

The avoidance of the traction alopecia is quite straightforward. Since it has been established that the condition is a result of an excessively tight wig, we can solve it. Simply wear wigs properly. Do not make it ridiculously tight so that “it will not fall off”. So if one is new to wearing wigs, ask friends or hairdressers what an ideal tightness is.

But do not hesitate to make personal decisions. If it is too tight, relax it a bit. But first-time wearers should be especially careful with making their wigs too slack. They are not used to wigs on their heads so it will always seem off for a while.

At times, there is a need for drug intervention. In such cases, anti-inflammatory drugs could also be used. This of course is the last resort. So take care of how tight and how often wigs are being worn.

Oh and remember to take a breather. Do not always put the wig on. Take some days off of wearing wigs. Excess wearing also leads to alopecia.


So, do headband wigs mess with a person`s hair. Of course, they can, if not worn properly. Not because they are headband wigs. But simply because they are wigs. In other words, if not worn properly any wig could potentially damage hair growth.


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